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Cloud accounting: Integrating apps to streamline your business

Cloud accounting has transformed the way businesses manage their finances and streamline operations. 

Convenient, efficient and easy to integrate into your existing business model, software as a service (SaaS) solutions are becoming the norm for SMEs and larger companies. 

Cloud accounting capabilities have developed rapidly. Today there is a plethora of downloadable apps available that cater to your specific accounting and operational needs. The Xero marketplace offers over 600 apps that will save you time and money, making accounting and other day-to-day business processes, such as payroll, bookkeeping and stock or inventory management more efficient. 

So, what kind of apps are available, and what are the benefits?

Five steps to a successful business strategy

RWB_Business Strategy

Most people can write a business strategy, but how do know when the formula you’ve come up with is a winning one? Usually, this involves employing an expensive business consultant to do the work for you, which can often leave you none the wiser as you try to implement it. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be complicated and getting your business to where you want it to be shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Your accountant can (and should) be a good source of business advice and guidance. Here’s some tips from our business advice team to help you along the way.

Head in the Cloud? It should be!

RWB image_Apprentice job interview

The Cloud – comprising a multitude of flexible online resources accessible via any device with an internet connection – has transformed accounting for businesses. But why and how do cloud-based solutions differ from traditional accounting software?

How to build better client relationships


We’ve talked before about the steps to building a successful business strategy. A core part of this strategy involves building strong relationships with clients and customers. 

Developing broader and deeper relationships can improve your long term business prospects by building loyalty and trust. It also costs considerably less to maintain an existing client relationship than to win a new client, so can reap significant longer term rewards.

The Apprenticeship Levy…six months on

RWB image_Apprentice job interview

Nobody, especially small business owners operating on tight margins, enjoys having to pay additional taxes. However, we sometimes have to bite the bullet for the greater good. Using tax to fund essentials such as workplace training makes sound economic sense in the long run. 

Six months have passed since the government introduced its new Apprenticeship Levy, so how well are small businesses coping with the new rules?

The Autumn Budget 2017

RWB image_Budget 2017 pdf download

Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Budget, which replaced the Autumn Statement, focused on positives such as job creation, help for first time buyers and a boost to R&D. 

The Chancellor also announced a series of tax measures that will have implications for individuals and businesses. 

So, what were the key points in the Autumn 2017 Budget?

The Autumn Budget Statement 2018: An overview

RWB image_Budget 2018 pdf download











Philip Hammond’s second Autumn Budget, took place amongst the uncertainty of Brexit, yet had some positives for taxpayers and signalled the first signs of an end to the 'era of austerity'.

The Chancellor announced a series of tax measures that will have mixed implications for individuals and businesses. 

How will the Autumn 2018 Budget affect you and your business? 

The benefits of outsourcing – free up time to make your business a success

RWB_Outsourcing for success

There are only so many hours in the day and you/your team probably are probably too busy running your business to have time to do everything. What you really need is someone who can help you with functions like accountancy and tax issues – the very things you probably put at the bottom of your to-do list every week. 

The good news is that outsourcing functions such as payroll, bookkeeping, VAT returns or reconciling expenses can help save you time and money.

The vision thing: becoming a successful leader

RWB_Vision and leadership

The best business managers and leaders create a vision of the future that is compelling and motivates employees to want to achieve it. Great leaders help members of their team to connect what they do with the business’ overall strategy and its impact on customers. In our latest article, we look at what makes a successful business leader.

Time for an electric company car?


Are you thinking of getting a new company car? Or providing cars for your staff? 

Read our latest article below to find out how choosing an electric car will benefit your business costs.. 

When is a van not a van?


Did you know whether or not your vehicles could get you into trouble? 

Read our latest article below to ensure you don't get caught out!

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