How businesses should handle unfair reviews online

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The online presence of a business often has a huge impact on its future growth. Naturally, mistakes can occur in business, and some customers can be dissatisofied with a service, both in justified and unjustified circumstances and deem it publicise their experience. Read our latest article to understand the importance of positive feedback being published online and how to manage negative feedback in a professional manner, increasing your chances of resoltuion.. 

CORONAVIRUS: Furlough grant reduced to 70% for July

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For the month of‌‌ July the CJRS Furlough grant support from the government via HMRC reduces to 70% of the employee’s usual pay for hours not worked. This is despite the fact that “Freedom Day” in England has been delayed four weeks to 19 July 2021, and now called “Terminus Day”. The government support to employers will then reduce to 60% in August and September. Read our latest article below to understand the latest updates to the scheme...

Pension contribution is tax efficient for both employee and employer

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Pension contributions to approved pension funds on behalf of employees and directors continue to be a tax-free benefit provided the annual input limit is not breached. The contributions are also deductible for the employer provided incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade and paid before the end of the accounting period of the business. Read on more to find out how you could be benefitting.. 

VAT and Online Selling Platforms

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HMRC has introduced a number of new rules around VAT and one of these relates to goods being sold to UK customers from overseas via online marketplaces. Read our latest article below to ensure you are up to date with the latest changes...

Sharp Growth in Chinese Underground Banking

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The National Crime Agency (NCA) has reported an exponential growth of Chinese Underground Banking in the UK and around the world. Chinese Underground Banking is a system where value is transferred between countries, without funds actually being moved. It has become commonplace in the Chinese community and is now being misused by criminals for money laundering. Read our latest article below to find out what has been happening...

New Proposals in Digital Currencies

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A digital currency is a type of currency or asset that is managed, exchanged and stored digitally, for example online. Cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, virtual currency and central bank digital currency (CBDC) are all types of digital currency. Bitcoin, which was invented in 2008 and first used in January 2009 is probably the best-known cryptocurrency. Read our latest article below to learn about the latest cryptocurrency boom...

Planned Reforms to the SME Standard

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The SME standard is intended for use by businesses which are not publicly accountable and who publish accounts for general use by external parties. Last year, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) launched a consultation on proposed updates to the IFRS for SMEs (Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises). Following a review of the responses, the board has agreed to push forward with these updates and reforms to the SME standard. Read on to find out more... 

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