The accounting benefits of going digital

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If 2020 taught us anything, it is that technology is a wise investment for your business. Some businesses have only survived the pandemic so far by adapting processes and moving online as much as possible. For any business, accounts and tax are key and even before the pandemic, HMRC was rolling out its Making Tax Digital campaign; requiring all businesses from sole traders to multi-national corporations to file all tax returns online. Read on to discover all the benefits of going digital...

Late payment legislation and the pandemic

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With insolvency on the rise due to the COVID pandemic-related lockdowns in the UK, it is important for businesses to do everything possible to keep cash flow stable. It is estimated that around 23% of insolvencies in the UK are due to late payments causing cash flow problems. This will only get worse if not addressed, especially after the events of this year. Read our latest article below to find out the latest on incoming legislation... 

FARMERS: Is now a good time to invest?

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With the prevailing uncertainty of what terms will be in place on our departure from the EU, is now really the best time to be making investments? Read our latest article below to find out all our top investment tips for the industry... 

Quantitative Easing and Government support for SMEs

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When times are hard for the economy, the Bank of England will usually lower interest rates to encourage people to spend their money rather than save it. If interest rates are low, they won't get such a good return on savings and it also makes borrowing money more affordable. Purchasing boosts the economy by keeping businesses open and people in jobs. As the interest rate is already only just above zero, the Bank of England cannot lower it any further without negative interest rates. So a process called Quantitative Easing is used instead. Read on to find out more... 

The path to sustainable farming

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As our departure from the EU draws near, policy changes will be coming into affect for the agricultural industry. Read our latest article to ensure your business is heading in the right direction... 

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