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Expert Barrister Accountants

RWB Chartered Accountants specialise in giving accounting and tax support and guidance specific to barristers. Our expert team understands that specialist accounting advice is required in preparing barrister's accounts, due to the variations and tax requirements. From conditional fees to collars and cuffs, barrister accounts require careful thought and planning.

RWB can help Barristers with:

  • How the catch-up charge works
  • How contingency fees affect your accounts
  • How work in progress is taxable
  • Which items of court clothing are allowable tax deductions
  • How much you could claim in your accounts for working from home
  • How much interest on a loan you may be able to claim as a deduction in your accounts
  • How much to save to pay your future tax bills (especially in early days of practice)
  • How you can pay into your pension scheme
  • How to claim for your motor expenses
  • Whether or not an 'Offset mortgage' is advantageous

Our expert accountants can:

  • Provide specialist advice and guidance
  • Give peace of mind
  • Make sense of this complex area
  • Sort out any issues relating to barrister accounting

Barrister accounting services

RWB Chartered Accountants offer a wide range of services and support for barristers including:

  • Specialist barrister tailor made spreadsheets
  • Annual accounts (including a review)
  • Personal tax return
  • Prepare your quarterly Standard Rate VAT return
  • Tax payment advice and projections
  • Financial references for mortgages etc.
  • Annual meeting
  • Making tax digital

Please contact Nick Bonnello for a full list of services and fixed fee accountancy packages available for Barristers.

For more information download our helpful guide to Barrister accounts and taxation.

Xero Platinum Partner

As a Xero Platinum Partner, we have worked towards becoming the biggest independent Xero Platinum champion in Nottinghamshire for offering online accounting software, Xero. RWB is ready to support you in getting ready for Making Tax Digital and has the skills and expertise to help you make the move to cloud accounting.

Want to find out more about how our specialist barrister accountants can help you?

Richard Bonnello, Nick Bonnello and Andy Pullen run the barrister accounting team here at RWB Chartered Accountants. With over 50 years combined experience your specialist barrister accountants are here to help. Contact Richard on 0115 964 8864 or or Nick on or 0115 964 8860.

RWB Chartered Accountants can also help with:

Business Advice, Taxation, Audit & Assurance, Bookkeeping, Corporate Finance, Property tax and accounts advice, Online Accounting.

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