Expert Barrister Accountants

RWB Chartered Accountants specialise in giving accounting, tax support and guidance specific to barristers. Our expert team understands that specialist accounting advice is required in preparing barrister’s accounts, due to the variations and tax requirements. 

From conditional fees to collars and cuffs, barrister accounts require careful thought and planning.

RWB can help Barristers with:

  • How the catch-up charge works
  • How contingency fees affect your accounts
  • How work in progress is taxable
  • Which items of court clothing are allowable tax deductions
  • How much you could claim in your accounts for working from home
  • How much interest on a loan you may be able to claim as a deduction in your accounts
  • How much to save to pay your future tax bills (especially in early days of practice)
  • How you can pay into your pension scheme
  • How to claim for your motor expenses
  • Whether or not an 'Offset mortgage' is advantageous

Our expert accountants can:

  • Provide specialist advice and guidance
  • Give peace of mind
  • Make sense of this complex area
  • Sort out any issues relating to barrister accounting

Barrister Accounting Packages

RWB give you the choice of three easy packages, all of which provide you with:

  • Preparation of your Annual Income and Expenditure accounts.
  • Preparation and submission of your Self-Assessment Tax Return.
  • Ability to file Making Tax Digital compliant VAT returns.
  • Access to your personal Xero account giving you full visibility of your accounting transactions.
  • Access to our specialist barrister team.

The packages vary depending on who prepares and submits your VAT return:

Package 1 provides you with the software for you to prepare and submit your VAT returns.

Package 1 for £110 plus VAT per month (£1,320 plus VAT per annum)

We give you a Hubdoc licence to enable you to easily record your purchase invoices and receipts and upload them into your account. Please note you will be responsible for processing these through to the correct nominals and ensuring the VAT rates selected are correct. We give you full access to your Xero account, including training and support from our Xero certified team which allow you to submit your VAT returns.

Packages 2 and 3, include an experienced, qualified accountant at RWB preparing and submitting your Quarterly MTD VAT returns on your behalf (after you have agreed them).

Package 2 for £115 plus VAT per month (£1,380 plus VAT per annum)

We give you a Hubdoc licence to enable you to easily record your purchase invoices/receipts and then upload them into your account. We review and allocate these to the correct nominals, ensuring that VAT is treated correctly and we process these into Xero. We also contact your Chambers and process your fees received, then summarise this into Xero accordingly. Having prepared your MTD VAT return it will then be sent to you to review and authorise before we submit it.

Package 3 for £135 plus VAT per month (£1,620 plus VAT per annum)

This is the easiest of the options. You send all your business expenses to us monthly or quarterly, either by post or email, and we do the rest. Having prepared your VAT return it will then be sent to you to review and authorise before we submit it.

Xero Champion Partner

Delivering the best cloud-based accounting software solution for your business, RWB Chartered Accountants offers a unique combination of business accountancy expertise and cloud-based software experience.

RWB Chartered Accountants is the largest Xero Champion Partner in Nottinghamshire, delivering cloud-based online accounting software packages ideal for you and your business. Having this status gives our clients peace of mind that they will receive the expertise and support they need when implementing their business software.

Want to find out more about how our specialist barrister accountants can help you?

Nick Bonnello runs the barrister accounting team at RWB Chartered Accountants both having specialist barrister accounts and tax training.

Nick Bonnello

0115 964 8860