17 August 2018

Xero dashboard – finances at your fingertips

When you're busy running a business, it's often a case of keeping several plates spinning at once. There are countless things to keep track of. One of the most important considerations is monitoring your finances.

The adage 'cash is king' could not be more pertinent when it comes to running a small business. Incomings and outgoings need to be constantly monitored, but time is often against you.

What you need is all the numbers, right at your fingertips. That's where the Xero dashboard comes in - offering you simple, flexible access to all your financial data in one place.

A recent UK analyst report stated: “We believe Xero can rightly claim that it has reshaped the British accountancy landscape and is now the UK’s leading accounting software for SMBs and accountants.”

That’s why cloud-based accounting software Xero is fast-becoming the essential tool for businesses that need to keep on top of their finances. 

Knowledge is power

The Xero dashboard gives you the most important information right where you need it. It helps you:

  • Keep tabs on key performance indicators for your business
  • Reveal monthly trends, including sales peaks and troughs
  • Reconcile your bank activity and manage cashflow
  • Review what you owe to suppliers and what your you are owed by clients
  • Create bespoke reports that work for you business
  • Improve your business decision making

Set yourself free

The Xero dashboard is extremely powerful and can be organised to suit your business. It will free up the hours spent working on your finances, letting you get on with the day-to-day business of creating jobs, improving efficiency and growing your bottom line. 

As a Xero Platinum Partner, our certified team can deliver the best cloud-based software solution for your business. We are experts in every aspect of SME finance. Contact us on 0115 964 8860 or email enquiries@rwbca.co.uk to find out how we can help your business. 


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