19 October 2018

Not figured it out? You might need a bookkeeper…

Running a business is a numbers game - and not just profit and turnover. Cash is critical for every business so you need a good system in place to keep a record of how much money is coming in as well as going out. 

Your time is best spent developing your business on a day to day basis. Too many people get bogged down in keeping a meticulous record of the figures when they should be concentrating on areas where their business can grow. Is it time for you to outsource your bookkeeping so you can stay focused?

Why do you need a bookkeeper?

It might seem a simple case of doing a few sums but keeping on top of your paperwork takes time and accuracy. It’s not just about processing receipts, sales invoices and expenses and entering them into an online, cloud-based software package such as Xero, It is also about knowing how to process the information and make sense of your business. 

If you are spending too much time on accounts, administration, payroll, auto enrolment or processing expenses and invoices, you should get some external support from a bookkeeper

A regular, up to date set of figures can be used to create a true 360-view of your business and how it's performing, giving you the insight you need to flag up any issues before they become a problem.

What kind of bookkeeper do you need?

It depends on your circumstances. It could be that you want ongoing monthly help to permanently take away the headache of processing receipts, managing invoicing, chasing payments and completing tax returns. Or maybe a quick, expert review of your VAT return before you submit it to HMRC?

Maybe you just need some short term cover for holidays or maternity leave to make sure that things don’t fall behind while your own bookkeeper is away?

Do you need help with:

  • Processing receipts and expense claims?
  • Credit control, payroll services or debt collection services to help you get paid faster?
  • Chasing up unpaid invoices?
  • Keeping track of your key dates such as payroll days, tax return deadlines and scheduled meetings with your accountant? 
  • Preparing your paperwork to make sure your accounts are accurate and up to date before key accounting dates?
  • Regular performance review reports every to see how the business is performing both from a profitability and cashflow perspective?
  • The ability to plan for future growth and capital expenditure?

The right bookkeeper can: 

  • Save you time and money
  • Prevent issues with cash flow
  • Give you more time to focus on other areas of your business
  • Offer you peace of mind that your bookkeeping is accurate and up to date
  • Give you invaluable support and guidance

RWB provide a variety of bookkeeping services, each one custom tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Why not leave it to RWB Chartered Accountants to look after your bookkeeping, so you can focus on the more important areas of your business? 

Our Xero Platinum certified team can offer you complete bookkeeping and account support. We can take care of everything from payment processing to VAT returns, payroll to expenses, right through to customised, monthly management reporting. Contact our expert bookkeeping team on 0115 964 8888 or email enquiries@rwbca.co.uk today to discuss our flexible bookkeeping packages. 

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